Invisible protection, superior liquid repellency

and easy cleaning for heavy textiles


Invisible protection, superior liquid repellency
and easy cleaning for heavy textiles.

Nano4-Furniture® is a water-based nanotechnology product and it is completely environmentally friendly. After applying the product and upon completion of the curing process (24 hours), a thin layer of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) seals the protected area.  Whether you wish your exterior furniture to remain dry during exposure to rain or to protect your furniture from getting soiled accidentally, you can always rely on Nano4-Furniture®.

This innovative nanotechnology product offers invisible protection for your furniture, your heavy clothes, and more, against water, dirt, and stains. Nano4-Furniture® does not affect the look, feel color, or breathability of the textile. It easy to clean and completely safe for skin contact.
Nano4-Furniture® covers every single fiber with an invisible, non-adhesive coating. The product protection prevents dirt from sticking on the textile. It also blocks the absorption of mud from the fibers.
Stains from hot or cold liquids, such as water, coffee, wine, oil, syrup, ketchup and sauces, are easily removed from every fabric over which Nano4-Furniture® is applied. Simply by dabbing with an absorbent cleaning cloth, wet stains vanish, and the fabric goes back to its original state as if never stained.


Nano4-Furniture® is certified: (Click here to see all of our certifications)


a) As an ECOLOGY product from Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute GmbH & Co. KG that can be used for the production of human-ecological optimized textiles under the specifications of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, product classes l-lV.

b) According to ISO 11507 (artificial weathering with fluorescent UV lamps according to method A for different coatings on textile) by Polymer Service GmbH Institute.

c) According to DIN EN 20811:1993 (determination of resistance to water penetration - test under hydrostatic pressure) by Technalia Institute Spain.

d) According to DIN EN ISO4920:2013 (determination of the fabric resistance to wetting) by Technalia Institute Spain. 

e) According to DIN BS 7209:1990 (water vapor permeability) by Technalia Institute Spain.


f) According to DIN UNE-EN ISO 105-B02:2013 (color fastness to artificial light Xenon arc fading lamp test) by Tecnalia Institute Spain.


Invisible protection, superior liquid repellency and easy to clean for heavy textiles

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Invisible protection, superior liquid repellency and easy to clean for heavy textiles

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Invisible protection, superior liquid repellency and easy to clean for heavy textiles

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On what surfaces it can be applied
  • Furniture

  • Carpets and rugs

  • Boat canvas

  • Car seats

  • Child seats

  • Bus seats

  • Theatre seats

  • Swimming pool covers

  • Bags, purses

  • Sails for boats

  • Tents

  • Umbrellas

  • Curtains

Product Qualities
  • Waterproofing and easy removal of stains and dirt from textile surfaces

  • Contains no silicone, wax or oil

  • 100% ecological - certified with ECO passport from Hohhenstein Institute

  • Extremely strong coating

  • 100% invisible protection

  • Easy cleaning of the surface

  • Does not affect the look, feel or breathability of the fabric

  • Safe for skin contact

  • Antibacterial protection

  • Eco-friendly and money-saving reducing use of chemical detergents by up to 90%

Target Customer
  • Home owners 

  • Furniture retailers

  • Carpet and rug manufacturers

  • Hotels and restaurants  

  • Cruise ships and boats

  • Military 

  • Sports and hunting clubs

  • Hospitals

  • Professional tailors

  • Community (public transportation)

  • Train companies

  • Airplane companies

  • Theatres

  • Designers

  • Clean the fabric prior to using Nano4-Furniture® to avoid blocking dirt and stains under the protective coating.

  • Spray with Nano4-Furniture® from a distance of 15cm and apply Nano4-Furniture® evenly over the surface you wish to protect. After applying the product, it takes 24 hours (at 20 °C) for the fabric to be fully cured. The time required for curing may vary depending on ambient temperatures. Do not attempt to accelerate the curing process. Allow the formation of bonds between the nanomaterials to ensure maximum repellency.

  • For alternative application, immerse the fabric into Nano4-Furniture®.

  • For detailed application instructions, please click here (APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS) to read our interactive brochure or to download the PDF file.

Application method
Duration of Protection:

Protection for regularly washed textiles may last between 20 and 30 washes. After that, re-apply Nano4-Furniture® to achieve the same results.


The quantity of the product per use depends on the application method and the surface porosity. In any event, the consumption will be between 30ml/m² and 200ml/m². This means that 1 litre can cover surfaces ranging from 5m² to 33m². An easy test to determine the amount of product required is to spray 1m² of the surface with plain water. The quantity of the water needed defines the exact consumption.

Quality ISO 9001:2008



NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in the production of nanotechnology products. ​​​

During the development and production process, we invest a great deal of time and effort in determining the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of selected products. LCA is the global standard for assessing the total environmental impact of a product, considering all environmental aspects, including resource and energy consumption, emissions to air, water and soil, as well as the impact on health and ecosystems. LCA is widely used by industry, governments and non-governmental organisations. We make these studies available to our customers upon completion in the belief that transparency creates sustainability and trust.

Product safety is considered paramount in our company. Diverse internal measures and company standards, which regularly go beyond the legal and customer requirements, ensure the quality and safety of our products.

We also work closely with renowned independent inspection authorities, institutes and laboratories to ensure maximum product safety.

We want to be sure that the customer will buy a genuine and functional product.
That is why all of our products are sealed with thermoplastic protection.
Do not buy a product if:
(a) It is not sealed with thermoplastic protection
b) If you find that the expiry date of the product is earlier than the purchase date

Quality Control
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  • Available packs are: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 4Liters, 20Liters, 200Liters, 1000Liters.

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