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NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® was founded in 2008 in cooperation with leading nanotechnology institutes based in Germany, to design and create nanotechnology products applied to all surfaces.


NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® is customer focused. Our commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing capability have propelled Nano4Life® to the forefront of nanotechnology coating for home, commercial and industrial use.

The company’s mission is to provide a strong line of nanotechnology products best-suited for the end-user with the highest quality of after-sale service.

NANO4LIFE® product line has received more than 30 quality control and test report certificates from international institutes.  ​Our coatings have been created with SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide Pure Quartz) utilizing the Sol-Gel process manufacturing to produce highly durable coatings that are safe, environmentally friendly and known for the ease of application. ​Treated areas become easy to clean, super hydrophobic, durable and powerfully stain resistant, either on porous or non-porous surfaces without affecting breathability. Air can pass through, allowing perspiration to evaporate.



​​NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® provides full technical support including detailed brochures, product specifications and video tutoring.

A Timeline of Achievement in Nanotechnology Coating


YEAR 2019



World premiere of a new generation in surface nano-coating with microbial killing functions. NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® is the cutting-edge product in the anti-bacterial / hygiene series. NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® - is a cost-effective product expected to gain a greater share in the international market in both sales and customer preferences:


  • 3 years anti-bacterial safety

  • 3 years permanent protection


This great value for little money provides an invisible nano health shield.

For more info visit www.nano4hygiene.com


​​YEAR 2017



World premiere of a new generation in surface nano-coating with Anti-Scratch protection up to (12H) by NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.®. NANODIAMOND® product series, which entered our vast range of innovative products, incorporates an ultra-high technology coating that protects vehicle paintwork from environmental threats and industrial pollution.

What We Do

NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® products are in stock and can be shipped worldwide within 24 hours. We ship products to countries that local distributors don’t exist yet. Delivery in European countries takes just one day. Delivery in any other destination in the world takes approximately 3 days with low freight costs.









10 ml to 1000Ltr




Production Quality



NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in the production of Nanotechnology products. ​​​

During development and production, we invest time and effort in determining the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of selected products.

LCA is the global standard for assessing the total environmental impact of a product considering all environmental aspects, including resource and energy consumption, emissions to air, water and soil, as well as the impact on health and ecosystems.

LCA is a reference standard for industry, governments and non-governmental organizations.

We make these studies available to our customers.  Product and company transparency fosters client sustainability and trust

Product safety is considered paramount in our company. We have children.

Diverse internal measures and company standards regularly go beyond the legal and customer requirements to ensure safety and quality.

We work closely with recognized independent inspection authorities and laboratories to ensure maximum product safety.

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