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Impact resistance, invisible UV protection, up to 12H*
anti-scratch, self-cleaning, very strong non-stick coating


Resistance to impact, invisible UV glass protection, up to 12H* Anti-scratch, self clean, very strong non-sticking protection


We, at NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P. , take pride in being the first worldwide launch of a fresh and groundbreaking range of nanotechnology products, made of nanoparticles extracted from diamonds, the NANODIAMOND Series.

It took two full years of research and persistent effort, working closely with the European aerospace industry, to make our dream come true. We have invented and manufactured a unique product of extraordinary qualities and cutting-edge technology.

Our NANODIAMOND product range is the end result of the latest technology in extraction methods and delivers an invisible film of diamond nanoparticles on any glass surface. It is highly effective in protection from scratches, dirt of any kind and any possible damage. One cannot fail to be impressed by the remarkable sparkling look of treated glass, reminiscent of a diamond sparkle, upon applying NANODIAMOND4-GLASS®. 

Additionally, with NANODIAMOND4-GLASS®, you will enjoy both the hydrophobic effect of the product and its subtle layering, which generates utmost resistance to scratches to your glass objects. Glass surfaces are bound to be clean at all times, since dust or dirt of any kind no longer lingers on the surface. Just clean your glass items with plain water and you will notice the lotus hydrophobic effect of the water in the form of water drops rolling over the glass and taking away all dirt. Just coat your glass objects with the state-of-the-art nanotechnology #1 product and relish the convenience of cleaning with plain water.



Upon applying NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® on the glass surface, a multi-layer coating forms and within minutes the thickness of the glass can be substantially increased. The application produces an additional super protective invisible coating, a kind of armour which shields your car glass from scratches at a resistance scale from 9H to 12H*.



The Pencil Hardness test is the worldwide definition for determining the scratch resistance of a coating surface by using pencils to scratch the surface and rate the scratch resistance in relation to that pencil’s hardness and other materials of similar hardness. The specification 10H to 12H* hardness is a rating on the Pencil Hardness Test, commonly used by manufacturers of clear and pigmented surface coatings. The higher the number of H, the more resistant a surface to scratches.

By applying NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® on your glass, its colour immediately turns completely durable to scratches at a scale of 10H to 12H*. The H rating is proportionate to the number of layers used on the glass surface. In other words, additional layers produce a thicker / harder film that will maximise your vehicle’s scratch resistance.

  • 1-layer coating generates 500 nano thickness and 10H scratch resistance,

  • 2-layer coating generates 1000 nano thickness and 11H* scratch resistance,  

  • 3-layer coating generates 1500 nano thickness and 12H* scratch resistance

NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® is certified: (Click here to see our full list of certifications)



Test report from SGS USA institution

2. FOOD SAFE APPROVED FOR NANODIAMOND LINE of products according to Regulation (EC) Νο 1935/2004c and the Commission Regulation (EU) Νο. 10/2011

Test report from CBA GmbH  institution 


Test report from SGS institution 


Test report from SGS institution 


Test report from SGS institution 


Test report from SGS institution 


Test report from SGS institutio

*IMPORTANT NOTICE Currently, the scientific equipment that measures the H scratch resistance can assess the hardness under worldwide applied standards up to 10H*. However, our in-house, not yet certified, recent experiments led to the conclusion that with accumulation of two (2) additional layers to the glass, the hardness can reach 12H* rating.

So, by applying those two (2) coating layers of NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® on your glass, it immediately turns completely durable to scratches at a scale of 10H* to 12H*. 

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On what surfaces it can be applied

  • Houses/stores and all building windows

  • Mobile phones, ipads, screens

  • Ceramic cooktops

  • Car, motocycle, boat glass surfaces

  • Sunglasses, eyeglasses and motorcycle helmet visors

  • Pyrex glass

  • Windows

  • Skyscrapers

  • Camera screens

  • TV screens

  • Lenses

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  • Scratch Resistance (optimum scale 10H-12H)

  • 10 years Permanent Protection

  • ​Fire car-paint protection

  • Anti Graffiti

  • Self-cleaning

  • Super waterproofing hydrophobic factors

  • Protection from UV radiation

  • Extreme weather conditions protection

  • Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance

  • 100% invisible sealing protection

  • Frost proofing and tolerance

  • High protection against ice

  • Shiny glossy finishing

  • Extreme tolerance in high temperatures (up to 1200°C)

  • Anti-oxidation protection

  • Extreme resistance on chemical corrosion effect

  • 100% Environmental friendly

  • Money saving by reducing up to 90% the use of chemical detergents

Product Qualities

Customer Target

  • Glass manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of ceramic cooktops

  • Hotel owners

  • Restaurants

  • Cruise ships and boats

  • Hospitals

  • Community (public buldings)

  • Schools

  • Home owners

  • Skyscrapers building companies

  • Building companies

Application method

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to achieve the highest possible results upon coating your glass, please read carefully the instructions below and follow them closely.




Product should not be applied at air humidity below 25% or over 85%, since curing can be affected or not happen properly. In countries with very high or very low air humidity, application in closed air-controlled rooms is strongly recommended! Ideal conditions are 20º C temperature and 55% air humidity.


You will achieve optimum results if you coat your glass indoors. If you cannot apply the product indoors, please make sure that there are no windy weather conditions and no possibility of rainfall over the hours following your coating glass with NANODIAMOND4-GLASS®. The treatment of the target surface should be carried out under ambient conditions and at a temperature between 10º C and 40º C.



1. Please clean your glass thoroughly as per your standard cleaning practice and make sure that there are no chemical detergent residues. If any chemical substance lingers, NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® will not be integrated in the glass.

It will stick on the substances and before long, it will go away leaving a protection gap.

2. After this meticulous glass cleaning process, it would be even better to sprinkle the glass with isopropyl alcohol or Nano4-Preclean and rub it with a microfibre cloth to remove all chemical residuals from washing.

3. CAUTION: The Nano4-Preclean® is not a stain removal cleaner and is used only on glossy surfaces.

For more info about Preclean, please download the pdf file

4. Please make sure that your glass surface is totally free of dust, humidity and water; it needs to be 100% dry.



  1. Please make sure that the aluminum container of NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® is sealed.

  2. Get a microfibre or non-absorbent cloth that leaves no fabric fibers.

  3. Open the bottle. CAUTION: For safety purposes, please keep the product away from children. You will notice the distinctive smell of ammonia in NANODIAMOND4-GLASS®. If hard to bear, please wear a medical face mask.

  4. In your mind, divide the glass surface into small areas of 30x30 cm.

  5. Place the cloth on the open bottle mouth and turn the bottle upside down 2-3 consecutive times, so that the product wets the cloth. With the damp cloth, spread the product on every 30x30 cm surface and then rub the surface in quick rotating movements, until it gets a shiny look.



  1. If you wish to boost scratch resistance from 10H to 11H* and enhance the shiny look of the glass surface, please repeat the same coating procedure within 5 minutes after the first application. If you wish to boost scratch resistance from 11H* to 12H* and enhance the shiny look of the glass surface, please repeat the same coating procedure within 5 minutes after the second implementation.

  2. Please make sure while applying not to leave out any areas, as the whole process is invisible.


  • Surface under coating will be water-stable after 12 hours approximately

  • Prior to that 12-hour span, please focus on keeping the car away from water or wet conditions

  • You can accelerate the 12-hour curing time to 15 minutes by heating the surface at 80º C with a heat gun

  • Coating stabilization is complete after five (5) days

  • During this time, you are strongly advised against cleaning your glass with any chemical or mechanical means


Duration of Protection:

Coating protection can last up to 10 years, as long as coating with NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® follows application instructions. 


  • With 5ml NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® you can cover up to 1m2 glass surface, creating an invisible film 500 nano thickness and 10H scratch resistance

  • With 10ml NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® you can cover up to 1m2 glass surface, creating an invisible film 1000 nano thickness and 11H* scratch resistance

  • With 15ml NANODIAMOND4-GLASS® you can cover up to 1m2 glass surface, creating an invisible film 1500 nano thickness and 12H* scratch resistance

Quality ISO 9001:2008



NANO4LIFE EUROPE L.P.® is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in the production of Nanotechnology products. ​​​

During the development and production process, we invest a great deal of time and effort in determining the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of selected products. LCA is the global standard for assessing the total environmental impact of a product considering all environmental aspects, including resource and energy consumption, emissions to air, water and soil, as well as the impact on health and ecosystems. LCA is widely used by industry, governments and non-governmental organizations. We make these studies available to our customers after their completion in the belief that transparency creates sustainability and trust.

Product safety is considered paramount in our company. Diverse internal measures and company standards, which regularly go beyond the legal and customer requirements, ensure the quality and safety of our products.

We also work closely with renowned independent inspection authorities, institutes and laboratories to ensure maximum product safety.

Quality Control


We want to be sure that the customer will buy a genuine and functional product.

That is why all of our products are sealed with thermoplastic protection.

Do not buy a product if:
(a) It is not sealed with thermoplastic protection
b) If you find that the expiry date of the product is earlier than the purchase date

Order products

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  • All ΝΑΝΟ4LIFE® products are in stock and can be delivered within 24 hours to any destination in the world.  Delivery in European Countries can be provided within 1 day. In the rest of the world delivery takes approximately 3 days with very low transportation costs.

  • Available packs are: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 4Liters, 20Liters, 200Liters, 1000Liters.

  • ​If you want to see a video with the product functions please click the video icon on the left.

  • If you want to read and download the product brochure in an interactive PDF file please click here

  • If you want to order the product via our e-shop, please click to the e-shop button on the left.

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