A permanent for 3 years wear resistant coating for protection against microbial attacks for Glossy and Porous surfaces

World is changing unexpectedly

Covid-19 has changed our lives radically, without knowing how to act effectively during this threatening pandemic we are all facing.

Scientists may not know yet how to deal with this deadly virus, however it is certain that we must protect ourselves and families drastically from microbial attacks.

NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE is a product that provides a permanent 3-year, full a

nti-bacterial protection against microbial attacks, by exterminating up to 99,99% of them. NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE is a product that provides full anti-bacterial protection for hospitals, schools, public transport, homes, kitchens, toilets and every crowded place where contagion is possible. Once applied NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE, it transforms the surface to a permanently antimicrobial surface.

NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE exterminates dangerous viruses and bacteria that can significantly affect our immune system and can cause serious health problems.

Scientific studies and publications proved that NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE eliminates effectively TGEV-coronavirus, H1N1, HIV-1 AIDS, E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Herpes Simplex Type 1 and 2 and many more. Click here to see our certifications

We are incredibly happy

We have received a certificate which proves that NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE fully exterminates another type of coronavirus. Testing the virucidal activity of NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE against TGEV-coronavirus (model virus for SARS-CoV) Click here to see the report.

The NANO4-LIFE team

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