EAN:5200251162822 825400070 CSC4-CARPROTECT 4Ltr

EAN:5200251162822 825400070 CSC4-CARPROTECT 4Ltr

These products when applied to a surface providing 3 applications.       Clean, by using a powerful nanotechnology cleaning components the products CSC® (Clean-Shine-Coat®) clean the surface of all dirt’s, environmental pollutants, and blackness that exist on the surface and you can’t remove with traditional methods.       Shine, by using a powerful Gel coat components the products CSC® (Clean-Shine-Coat®) cover scratches or other gaps on the surface, while shiny surfaces and give them the shine they had when they where news.      Coat, the CSC4-Carprotect® using nanoparticles of silicon dioxide SiO2 and using the latest nanotechnology SolGel, seal the protected surface area which reduces adhesion of dirt particles such as greasy and oily substances, lime as well as environmental pollutants due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic effect, so that dirt like fat, salt, meals not find a way to penetrate and stabilize, so they can be removed easily with a little water to sail without ha

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